About us

In a world where so many aspire to become large financial supermarkets offering diverse products such as wholesale finance, retail finance, brokerage, investment banking and so on, we at Sage Capital believe in focusing only on what we do best – providing effective, tailor-made financial advices to our clients. Whether it is a buyout, corporate and financial restructuring, or fund-raising, we can provide a creative and comprehensive solution to satisfy our client’s requirements. Sage Capital is an SEC-approved financial advisor, and our team comprises experienced professionals, most with over 15 years of direct experience in the financial field. Our successful track record includes many of the largest and most complex M&A and restructuring transactions in Thailand, as well as a large number of distressed assets, corporate finance and capital markets cases. With our extensive alliance network of high net worth investors, institutional investors, commercial banks, securities firms, and professional services firms, we can independently select the most appropriate partners to achieve the objectives of our client in each case with minimum conflicts of interest.

In addition, Sage Capital is a member of the Alliance of International Corporate Advisors (AICA), a global network of independent M&A advisors. The alliance provides Sage Capital local relationships and insights as well as diverse expertise, which enable us to offer high quality advices on cross-border M&A transactions.

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