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  Merger & Acquisition

Year Client Assignment
2009 Rubber plantation & processing company Establishment of joint venture companies with a major Japanese trading company
2003 Investor Group Acquisition of Jasmine International Plc.’s Debts
2003 Investor Group Acquisition of Prasit Patana Plc.’s Debts
2002 Loxbit Co., Ltd. Baht 550 million merger between PointAsia Dot Com (Thailand) Ltd. and C.S. Communications Co., Ltd.
2002 Amarin Plaza Plc. Baht 920 million divestiture of Grand Amarin Tower Building
2002 Asia Cement Plc. Baht 1,134 million tender offer for shares of Jalaprathan Cement Plc.
2002 Finansa Plc. Baht 437 million acquisition of Primus Finance Co., Ltd.
2001 Bank of Asia Plc. Baht 140 million divestiture of shareholding in BOA Finance Ltd.
2001 Bank of Asia Plc. Baht 200 million divestiture of shareholding in BOA Securities Ltd.
2001 Investor Group Acquisition of Italian-Thai Development Plc.’s Debts
2001 Loxbit Co., Ltd. USD 4 million private placement
2000 BDH Holding Co., Ltd. Acquisition of 24% shareholding of Samitivej Plc.
2000 Finansa Plc. Baht 234 million acquisition of KT Securities Co., Ltd.
2000-2001 Investor Group Acquisition of Robinson Department Store Plc.’s Debts
2000 Samart Corporation Plc. Baht 4,125 million share swap transaction between SHIN Corporations Plc. and Digital Phone Co., Ltd.
1999-2000 Investor Group Acquisition of Sino-Thai Engineering and Construction Plc.’s Debts
1999 The East Asiatic (Thailand) Plc. Baht 720 million tender offer and delisting
1999 TISCO Finance Plc. Baht 3,000 million private placement of preferred shares under Tier 1 Capital Assistant Program
1998 Cagiva Motor (Asia Pacific) Co., Ltd. Acquisition of International Vehicle Co., Ltd.
1996 Thai Asahi Glass Plc. Consolidation of group companies
1996 The Value Systems Co., Ltd. Baht 65 million private placement
1996 TISCO Finance Plc. Merger between TISCO Finance Plc. and Thai Securities Co., Ltd.
1993 Ayudya Vechakarn Plc. Baht 44 million private placement
1993 Multi-Credit Corporation of Thailand Plc. Acquisition of Premruethai Credit Foncier
1993 Samakkhisan (Dok-ya) Co., Ltd. Baht 38 million private placement
1993 Southern Medical Centre Co., Ltd. Baht 60 million private placement