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  Merger & Acquisition

Year Client Assignment
2018 Punthai Coffee Co., Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary of PTG Energy Plc. Establishment of a central kitchen joint venture with Jitramas Catering Plc.
2017 Punthai Coffee Co., Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary of PTG Energy Plc. Acquisition of 99.99% of shareholding in GFA Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd, which owns and operates 5 quick-service restaurant brands (Coffee World, Cream & Fudge, Coffee World Restaurant, New York 5th Deli, and Thai Chef Express).
2017 PTG Energy Plc. Acquisition of 38.26% newly issued shares in Siam Autobacs Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Autobacs Seven Co., Ltd., which is a leading chain of auto parts and accessories stores providing repair and maintenance services in Japan.
2016 PTG Energy Plc. and Eiamburapa Co., Ltd. Establishment of a Baht 1,500 million ethanol plant, using cassava pulp as feedstock with technology licensed by Sapporo Holding Limited, the first such plant in the world.
2016 Eastern Commercial Leasing Plc. Baht 314 million private placement of 25.5% newly issued shares in Eastern Commercial Leasing Premium Financial Service Co. Ltd, a leading Japanese auto finance company
2016 PTG Energy Plc. Baht 622 million investment in 32% shareholding of AMA Marine Co., Ltd.
2015 PTG Energy Plc., Tha Chang Group, R&D Kaset Patana Co., Ltd. Establishment of a Baht 4,800 million fully integrated palm complex in Surat Thani
2014 An Investor Group Baht 150 million sale of Chiang Mai Raj Hospital Co. Ltd. To My Hospital Co. Ltd. a subsidiary of Everland Plc.
2014 Eastern Commercial Leasing Plc. Strategic partnership with Premium Financial Service Co., Ltd, a leading Japanese automotive finance and warranty company.
2013 A renewable energy company Private placement of a wind farm project
2013 The Bangkok Nylon Plc. Baht 224 million sale of 87.64% shareholding in The Bangkok Nylon Plc.
2013 Major shareholders of Metrostar Property Plc. Baht 836 million sale of 71.64% shareholding in Metrostar Property Plc.
2013 UOB Kay Hian (Thailand) Plc. Baht 951 million sale of 93.47% shareholding in United Securities Plc.
2012 Thai Oil Marine Co., Ltd. & Nathalin  Co., Ltd. Establishment of TOP-NTL Shipping Trust, a business trust in Singapore
2011 An Investor Group Baht 300 million sale of  Global Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. to Chewathai Ltd. 
2011 Bangkok First Investment & Trust Plc. Baht 1,030 million sale of 48.85% shareholding in BFIT Securities Plc. to OSK Investment Bank Berhad 
2011 Daidomon Plc. Divestment of restaurant business to Hot Pot Plc.
2011 Property Perfect Plc. Baht 56.24 million tender offer for We Retail Plc.
2010 A bakery and catering company with a well-known brand Sale of 50% shareholding to a strategic partner
2009 124 Communications Plc. Business expansion and acquisition of complementary businesses
2008 G Steel Plc. Baht 2,660 million additional investment in GJ Steel Plc. (formerly Nakornthai Strip Mill Plc.)
2008 Shellhut Entertainment Co., Ltd., the producer and owner of Shelldon (3-D animation television series) Sale of 25% shareholding to a strategic partner
2007 An Investor Group Acquisition of Pantip Court, a serviced apartments building in central Bangkok
2007 Property Perfect Plc.  Sale of a land plot to Fareast Stamford International Co., Ltd.
2006 An Investor Group Sale of a majority shareholding in RK Media Holding Plc.
2006 G Steel Plc. USD 178 million strategic investment in GJ Steel Plc. (formerly Nakornthai Strip Mill Plc.)
2006 Thai Shipowners’ Association, Thai Maritime Navigation Co., Ltd., Thaioil Marine Co., Ltd., Khunnathee Co., Ltd.

Establishment of a national sea transportation joint venture

2006 United Overseas Bank Ltd. Baht 692 million tender offer and delisting of United Overseas Bank (Thai) Plc.
2005 An Investor Group Acquisition of 15% shareholding of Thai Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
2005 An Investor Group Baht 200 million acquisition of Agripure Holdings Plc.
2005 United Overseas Bank Ltd. Merger between Bank of Asia Plc. and UOB Radanasin Bank Plc. to create United Overseas Bank (Thai) Plc. 
2005 United Overseas Bank (Thai) Plc. Tender offer and delisting of UOB Radanasin Bank Plc.
2004 124 Communications Co., Ltd. Sale of 45% shareholding to a strategic investor group
2004 International Engineering Plc. Acquisition of an alternative energy development company
2004 Siam Paper Plc. Baht 390 million private placement
2004 United Overseas Bank Ltd. Baht 5,200 million tender offer for Bank of Asia Plc.
2003 Paolo Medic Co., Ltd. Acquisition of 60% shareholding of Micronetic Plc.